About Austin’s Foods

Attention BBQ Sauce Lovers

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Allow me to introduce myself and my product. I am Austin Payne from Mount Airy, North Carolina and the originator of Austin’s BBQ Sauce.

I love barbeque! That’s why I wanted to create a sauce of my own. I began experimenting with all my favorite seasonings and flavors until I achieved a blend that satisfied my plate. It soon became a favorite among family and friends. In fact it was their encouragement and support that gave me the confidence to pursue my dream to bottle my own unique blend of BBQ Sauce.

After 4 years of research and hard work, it was an exciting and proud moment to hold my first bottle of “Austin’s BBQ Sauce in my hand.

I have been blessed to have many local merchants offer my product in their stores, to have local people buy and then enjoy my product and I believe that that this is just the beginning of good things for “Austin BBQ Sauce.” I believe that I have created a signature flavor that stands apart from the rest.

It is my hope that you would consider placing my product in your business. I am confident that once you have tasted my sauce for yourself you will agree that it is a delightful, delectable sauce that pairs with a variety of foods.

“A little heat – little sweet – a little tangy”

Check me out on Facebook at “Austin’s BBQ Sauce” and let me know what you think.
I look forward to providing you a great taste experience!

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Does flavor inspire you? Then the award-winning Dimples BBQ Sauce is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy to accompany your pork, beef, chicken, ribs and even vegetables. Give your family the new favorite grilling and dipping sauce today!

An award winning perfect blend of everything that makes a great barbecue sauce. Sweet, smokey and just the right amount of spice.